Monday, February 20, 2006

My Togolais Family

Mama and Papa Togo

Rachel= Strong, woman, very traditional and beautiful. Some people seemed a bit scared of her because she had a tough and spirited personality and spoke her mind. We would eat together everyday, me asking her question after question about Africa and her history. She would laugh at me when I would dance, when I would ask to help with the cooking she would call me crazy, when I would eat with my hands... She told me that I looked like a true African woman.

Antoine = incredibly generous and gentle man... He devotes all of his time to PDH and to help the Togolais people. He was always looking out for me... Bringing me chocolate ice cream when I was sad.

Lawe is only twenty years old and is an orphan, She is an apprentice to become a seamstress and she is the hardest working person I saw in Togo. She would clean, cook, carry buckets of water on her head when we ran out, and the whole time she was sick... I tried to help her whenever I could, but she usually would not let me.

In Togo, when you are born, you are given several names. This is Benjamin, his family calls him Mawulolo which means "dieu et grand" (god is great), his name is also Kokou (Wednesday) which is given to you according to the day of the week you were born on.

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