Friday, February 10, 2006

Je vais tresser mes cheveux

I met Dodgi in Kpalime ... which is about an hour from Lome. I was hungry, I had not eaten all day. He handed me a black plastic bag ... in it was a wonderful West African meal called koliko = fried sweat potatoes with a spicy salsa sauce and spaghetti on top of it all ... Surprisingly good.

"I do hair, he tells me, ... let me do yours" ... so I did

we started at 9pm ... everyone in the family started to help ... the little kids would hold the hair up to my scalp so that it wouldn't hurt me as they tugged.

We finally finished at 4 in the morning ... Everyone was exhausted, Dodgi's sister let me sleep at their house ... I slept on one of these mats on the floor.

7 hours later

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