Friday, May 11, 2007

A lesson on linguistics

we drove to the forest to go camping... and on one of our stops we went to Sequoia National Park. There was snow on the ground and we had to put our food in big bins so that the bears wouldnt come and eat it all. BEARS!!!

As we walked through some of the largest trees on this earth, we heard tiny noises... "sounds like frogs." We followed the sound until we came upon this marsh, we walked to the end of a fallen tree trunk, the furthest point we could get to until we were fully encompassed by the "RIBBITS".

I wanted to stay there always and hear them, it was comforting and very surreal.

In the English language, we perceive time as standing still while we travel forward through it, whereas in the Greek language, they see themselves as standing still while time overttakes them from behind. the future, being behind and therefore not yet visible. The past, infront, hence visible.

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